Thursday, 28 July 2016

Life is a matter of keeping your focus on the Supreme God for direction as we always trust Him no matter we will face while we're alive. We don't live because we must live,but we should live for His honor and glory. The Bible which i strongly believe is God's word says'' Only a fool says in His heart there is no God. They are corrupt,they do abominable deeds,there is none that does good.''Psalms 14:1 .The same Bible says even the heavens declare His glory. With this it means the creation declare there is a God who is the Creator of all things.
In the Book Collosians decree that nothing that existed without Jesus being involved. Ref 1:15-17.
Maybe you're there and you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus?I urge you to make a personal decision to surrender your life to Him and i guarantee you will never regret for making that decision.
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In Christ's service
Rev.Jones Musyoka

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


I hope this message finds you in perfect guidance in the Lord. For close to thirty years i have walked with the Lord and Twenty years i am in His service i have daily seen people from all walks of life struggle in this area of Giving.Let me narrow down to this compound and hard word for many people to practice ''Generosity''
What is Generosity? To me i think it is the very Nature and the Heart of God to be generous. From the most quoted verse John 3:16 God Loved the World{You}He gave.When we try to go deeper to that verse 'you can not give without having a heart compelled with Love.
The reason why most of us struggle with being generous is very simple 'we are created with the spirit of Selfshness and we're strongly wired to it! If you want to know what i am talking about go to a SuperMarket or any shop and buy something like a chocolate to your child if you have one,when you reach home give it to him or her,after they get ask them to give back to you! You will be shocked majority of them will not want to give back to you.The same applies to us always we think we need all and we should not give back.
Again what is Generosity? In simple terms Generosity is not a Moment,an Event but a Lifestyle. It is generated from a grateful heart and spirit. In other words if we're grateful towards a person or a church we will be generous enough to take of that church or Pastor!
Number two Generosity is never a guessing game But a Blessing game. Acts 20:34-35,Proverbs 11:24.
Number Three:Generosity is Contagious with this we can say if we generate acts of Extravagance towards the hands and lives of others it will amaze and startle the world. James 1:27
The last one for today Generosity is about looking for people,places and things to share our Time,Talents and Resources.So kindly i pray  for you from today and henceforth you develop a Generous Spirit. Remember the hand that gives or supplies is ever open and closed hand will never receive! Whenever God gives you He wants you act like a Pipe to pass those blessings to others and when you withhold you definitely block your Pipe to receive more!
My greatest saying goes like this 'i have never seen anyone become poor for giving BUT i have seen many Become Poor for lack of GIVING!The choice is yours may dear friend.More on this subject will follow in future posts.
God richly bless you as read this revolutionary message.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Spirit of Endtimes

 Its astonishing how has taken over in the lives of many people today.However the Bible in the book of 2 Cor 4:4 Says the god of this age has blinded the minds of people that they can not see the light of God's grace and love.Somewhere Jesus asked can a blind person lead another will they not fall into a dish? It is only this ending i was forced to block a lady from friends list! Reason i have in several times warned her that i am a Born-Again,Believer,A happily married person and A Pastor of congragation. This has been posting to my wall every time pornographic photos of naked women. By God's love i consistently shared with her the gospel of love and she was doing was not right BUT she could not heed to my advice.What i say about that scenario is very simple that has been blinded by that god of this age not see what is doing was against the will and plan of God.
Allow me talk about few things which has blinded so many people in this present age either married or unmarried. These people are held captive by spirits calling themselves Gay Movement where men get married to one another something which against the word of God as the Bible records in Romans 1:24-29. These men claim its their RIGHT to marry fellow men!Who said by using your so called right you violate the given word of God?From the above verses God says those who practice such things will not escape the fierce judgement of God! If God never spared Sodom and and Gomorrah how do such people think and lie themselves that they will run away from the same Judgement. Let me also mention other things which have completely blinded many people today Holy sex where people think it right to Practice sexual encounters with their leaders Pastor or whatsoever,Holy Kiss where people are going crazy hugging and kissing everyone saying Apostle Paul advocate for that in Rom 16:16 i am not against people greeting one another But all of us should ourselves about the motives of doing such things! I have witnessed Brothers who go on the rampage of greeting other women but they rarely greet their wives! What level of hypocrisy are they practicing? The following powers are on the rise Adultery,Fornication,Rape,Child Abuse and Molestation,Masturbation and the list can be endless.
In closing i think these spirits are tied to the spirit of Jezebel,New Age Movement of the Church,but i pray all of us should painfully embrace the Spirit of Joseph who refused to have Carnal knowledge with the wife of His Boss! In the end of his life we find him saving his father's family and he Preserved the entire Israelite Nation.Gen 50:20 The spirit of lust is sweeping both the young and old as they try to give themselves for approval!
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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Lets grow together in this issue.

Empowering&Equipping Believers and Leaders for Eternity: It may be either by chance and possibly by challenge we found ourselves in a certain home or family!By these chances or challenges there are so many people living together today either legally or illegally in the Institution of marriage.It doesn't matter where you found yourself but allow me to go  together with you and address this issue of marriage.First there are several types  of marriages namely either polygamous or monogamous they are marriages. A marriage can be through Customary,Church wedding,Civil or the commonly known cohabitation{Come we stay union} I will narrow down my interaction with you in coming posts on Godly marriage.For now let me try to address what Godly marriage is and not as well.When we read from God's word from the Book of Genesis 1:26,2:18 in these verses we find the right foundation for marriage.God Himself {Officiated}the first wedding at the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve.From this foundation we're not witnessing a marriage between Steve and Jim or between Jane and Mary. But we can clearly see a Marriage between a Male and Female.For more on this kindly ref Rom 1:27 Men have left the natural use of the woman burned with their lust they have turned to one another. We all know the foundation of everything is very important and if it fails in that crucial level i guarantee you we will definitely fail in all other coming levels. With this i can authoritatively tell you God should be our foundation for our marriage and if dare to start any union without Him let us prepare ourselves for a fatal crush in that relationship.
Many marriages in the world today were started on wrong foundations,leading many of them to endless court battles, A Spouse organizing merciless abductions or killing of their fellow spouse! We can not also think about the high rate of Separations and Divorce issues in many marriages today!Others got into that relationship because of riches or material things in either spouse and when they hit the rock they start demanding for compensation of family property and many others!
In closing today's post get this powerful statement the Lord gave to me about marriage.'' Marriage is A School where Two Mature people a Male and Female enter into with a clear consent,they learn together in that School and funny enough in this School there will be No Graduation!''The two the Bible says they are of the same Age group Ref Malachi 2:14-16. If you have any doubt about this i will share exhaustively later. By now i know you have questions feel free to visit the Contact details on this blog and i will be more than willing to pray with you! If you're a Kenyan and you need someone to assist you officiate your wedding or marriage i will avail myself as well to help you for i am a Licensed Clergy.
Shalom friends lets meet on Wednesday for another word of Encouragement and challenge.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

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Monday, 23 April 2012


He who prevails in prayer has the capacity to prevail in everything.If you want to go to greater heights develop the lifestyle of kneeling and call on His holy.Ref Daniel 6:10.Remember the Church was born on prayer and can only be maintained through prayer and nothing else less than that.